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Lynne has been invited to run hundreds of parties, and many events and functions. Venues have ranged from school halls, to five star hotels. She has catered for as little as 50 people to many thousands at one event.

She has also been involved in a huge amount of charity work and raised thousands of pounds for charities.

Lynne, together with her two colleagues from The Grapevine Connection, Veronica Deasy and Susie Nash have run 5 major Grapevine Connection functions, catering to hundreds of people at top venues, ensuring that the quality of the floor to the sound system have been perfect (Lynne likes her music loud and clear). Lynne has instructed and deejayed at these events.

What a night, hmm yes it really was, it really was, such a night......? - sounds familiar!
I just thought I'd drop a line to say thanks to you Lynne, and to Veronica and Suzi, and all the others involved, for a really great event. Somehow I think these big functions inspire everyone to dance with a bit more enthusiasm and energy, and somehow elevates the entire event above the norm. When I left I was totally danced out - brilliant!
Bryan Harris

Dear Lynne and Colleagues,
The Kilburn National was without doubt the best evening of line dancing that I have ever experienced. Great venue, superb organisation and instruction and lively company was just the best that anyone could wish for. The way you designed the event that experienced dancers and beginners all had a share of the evening without anyone feeling left out was superb. I have attended numerous venues over the last 8 months including the event at the Birmingham Arena and have never been as impressed as I was on Saturday with the entire evening. Congratulations.
Shirley Ellis

Dear Lynne,
Just to say that Paul and I had a great time Saturday night it was very enjoyable, and it was just great dancing all of the dance's one after the other.
Thanks for a great night!!!
Cathy and Paul

Hi Lynne,
Just a quickie to say what another great evening last night turned out to be.
The evening absolutely flew by, first time we looked at our watch it was 11.45pm. There was a great atmosphere last night, everyone seemed to gel well and danced an awful lot. Jackie said her legs were killing her, mine too, we were saying we should be at least a few pounds lighter after all the dancing.
Hope you managed to get a good night’s sleep, it takes quite a while to wind down after an evening like that. I thought the weekends were for resting, but that hasn't happened much this weekend!!
Take care.
Patsy and Jackie xx

"You did a brilliant job by managing to balance the interests of all the participants, irrespective of their skill - you were the key ingredient which ensured success."
Andrew Scott-Priestly, - South Bucks
Ex Tablers' Association (Charity)

"We had such a great night at the Watford Town Hall and as a new dancer I was mesmerised."
Rossi (Middlesex)

Thanks Grapevine Connection for an evening that I have never experienced before. Having only started a few months ago, I have never seen such line dancing ever. The speed at which you got through all those dances, the energy, the laughter and even though I couldn't do it all when I was sitting out, I felt like I was watching a floor show. The dancers were fantastic. I am now going to practice a lot so that next time I will be able to do more. Excellent!
Amy Waylock

Hi Lynne,

I just wanted to say thank you for last night. I went home totally exhausted. It really was a brilliant night. After my initial stage fright I really did enjoy it. Pity you’re not doing any more.
Anyway, thanks again for the lovely present and your kind words.
Best Wishes
West Sussex

Lynne & Jonjo,
A note of thanks for the fabulous evening on Saturday at The Colosseum.
It was such good fun. The venue was brilliant, the sound system was tremendous and both of you made it all look so simple (a sign of true professionals). The huge turnout was a real compliment and as always, in our experience, with line dancing, everyone was so happy.
Thanks again for another really memorable evening.
Love and best wishes,
Ann and Colin
West Sussex

Hello Lynne,
My wife and I have just returned home from a great evening’s line dancing at the Ballroom at Brent run by your club The Grapevine Connection. I just wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and your team for one of the most enjoyable events we have ever attended. The venue was first-rate with a nice big dance floor (something many organizers seem to forget about when booking a hall for line dancing). Please pass on our thanks to your helpers. Well done Lynne – we both look forward to your next event. Now I really must go to bed!
Dean & Cathryn Miles

Hi Lynne,
I just have to say what a great evening it was on Saturday at the Colosseum. So many dancers with so much attitude – the atmosphere was electric and it was great to be part of it. You looked fantastic as usual and I’m sure many of the male dancers missed some of their steps thanks to your red leather trousers!
Think of all those people out there who never see `our’ linedancing – they are missing out on so much of life.
We are all looking forward to the next party – just have to keep on at you until you give in. I got home about 2.30am that night but was still buzzing from it that I couldn’t get to sleep.
Love from
Geraldine Skott
West Sussex

Hi Lynne
The venue was great again and the air conditioning was superb. I hope you didn’t lose too much sleep over it but it was well worth it. By the way, we loved L.I.B-R-8.
Best Wishes
David & Sandra
West Sussex

Well done, Grapevine Connection - another great event - one I could actually dance at this year as I was on crutches the last time it was held here. I felt like I had conquered Everest!! The display of dancing was tremendous - (does anybody outside the line dancing industry have any idea what line dancing REALLY consists of these days)!! The dancers were a treat to watch and the assortment of dances kept us all happy. Lynne, as usual, providing inspiration and motivation to us all. (Lynne, out of interest - were you poured into those trousers???).
The only sad point about the evening was that it ended at midnight!! I could have danced all night!! Well, Lynne, all I can ask now is - when can we do it again???
Karen Neidus



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