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A Beginner's Rough Guide:

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English Version:

What exactly is Line Dancing?

What do I wear and do I need to bring anything?

Can I go on my own?

How does one find a class?

There are a group of us who are thinking of having a Line Dance party. Is this a good idea if we have never danced before?


1. These are Lynne’s views based on her own personal knowledge and experience.
2. Instructors and event organisers in various countries may differ in their approach.


Version française:

Qu'est-ce que c'est exactement que la Line Dance?

Et quel genre de vêtements ou de chaussures faut-il porter?

Puis-je me rendre toute seule dans une salle de classe de line dance?

Et comment s'y prendre pour trouver un cours de line dance?

Nous sommes une bande de copains et de copines et nous souhaitons
organiser un soirée Line Dance. Est-ce une bonne idée si on n'a jamais fait
de la danse auparavant?


1. Les points de vue exprimés sur ce site sont fondés sur les connaissances et l'expérience personnelles de Lynne.
2. Selon les pays, les professeurs et animateurs de soirées/évènements peuvents varier dans leur approche et leur organisation.


Lynne has been instructing professionally for 15 years. Her classes have taken place in a variety of counties, including West Sussex, London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, and Buckinghamshire covering a huge part of the country. Her regular weekly venues have included church/school halls, night clubs, dance studios and one full-sized Ballroom.

Lynne maintains that after over a decade of instructing she still gets a huge kick out of seeing that look in someone's eyes when they've been struggling with a particular sequence for ages and then finally mastering it, executing that dance with utter confidence.

Lynne having fun!


BrentLynne’s classes are fun, lively and sociable with real pace, and her easy-to-follow teaching methods make the evening an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Lynne no longer instructs


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