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Questioner: Lynne, when did you start dancing? – I studied ballet from the age of 5 obtaining honours in all my exams. In my late teens I studied Spanish, Jazz, and Modern briefly too.

Questioner: How did you come across Line Dancing? – I was introduced to New Country Line Dancing in 1993 in the USA and you could say it was love at first sight. On returning to London, I just couldn’t find anywhere to feed my new-found addiction. Eventually, I discovered a club near my home had started running Line Dance evenings and so I guess you could say the ‘Love Affair' began! After a couple of months many people started asking me if I taught until finally, after much research, I gave into the pressure to start my own class.

Questioner: What is it about line dancing that attracted you? – Other than disco, I could not think of another social dance form that did not require a partner. I love the freedom of not dancing with a partner. I also love Rock (I used to be a real rock chick) and Country-Rock so that was an instant attraction too. I also realised that we could dance many of the dances to so many other types of music which made Line Dance probably the most versatile dance form of all.


Questioner: Why do you enjoy teaching so much? –Teaching is a hugely psychological profession in any sphere but this is accentuated in Line Dancing by the enormous cross-section of people you have to reach at any one time. I find the learning process, as well as the teaching, challenging, interesting and stimulating. When I look at line after line dancing in unison, losing themselves in the music, it gives me a wonderful sense of achievement and job satisfaction knowing I have got the message across.

Any embarrassing moments you care to share? There have been loads LOL! Once, whilst standing in front of 300 regular dancers at Brent, I announced the next dance – what I was supposed to say was we are now going to do ‘Low Down Dirty Boogie’; instead I said ‘Low Down Dirty Below the Belt’. For a moment there was total silence and then the whole place 'collapsed’ laughing including myself. I just could not gather my composure after that and I do blush very easily.


Questioner: What message would you like to give to someone who has never danced before? - Line Dancing suffers a real image problem. It is not about country music or cowboy hats; it is about the presentation of line dance as a whole. Until the media portray it as a dance form in its own right and until line dancers take on more responsibility for the way they portray themselves, not much will change. But I wish more people would give it a try because I know that many would love it in the same way we do. It can be totally addictive and what's more it's fantastic exercise, so what could be better - get fit and actually have fun while you're doing it.



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