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Lynne Schapiro is acknowledged as one of the few Line Dance professionals in the United Kingdom. Lynne has managed to combine her passion of Line Dance into a fully fledged business, not only instructing and deejaying but producing two videos and two DVDs.


Myth - Line Dance is danced to country music only.
Fact - Line Dance is danced to all sorts of music, eg. Latin, Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, etc.

Myth - Line Dance is a pedestrian activity, only for senior citizens.
Fact - Line Dance is danced by people of all ages. The choice of dance is extremely varied, ranging from the simple to the more advanced; the gentler rhythms to the more energetic.

Myth - "Yeehaa" is what you shout out when you Line Dance.
Fact - This was created by the media and seems to have stuck.

Myth - You have to wear cowboy outfits.
Fact - Anything goes, as long as you wear comfortable supportive footwear.

Myth - Line Dance only consists of very basic steps such as walk walk stomp stomp.
Fact - Line Dance encompasses many dance styles, drawing from a variety of influences such as Latin, Ballroom, Jive, Irish, Funk, Salsa, etc. making it the most diverse dance form in the world.